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Tang-e-Hajian offensive operation (January4th, 1981)

iranian soldier, iran-iraq war

To occupy the heights dominating the Kasegaran pass in Gilan-e-Gharb local area. Iraq employed Khosravi-Qasr-c-Shirin-lmam Hassan to Gilan-e-Gharb axis to accomplish its operation.

In plans for countering Iraq both before and after the Islamic revolution, three decisive mountain passes namely, pataq , Sangan,and Kasegaran were the focus of particular attention, and Iraq while knowing this vital fact, exerted its major effort to capture Gilan-e-Gharb city; however, the initial resistance of the jealous and brave tribesmen and local residents of Gilan-e-Gharb together with I.R of Iran's army drove back the Iraqi troops from Gilan-e-Gharb and they were deployed opposite Tang-e-Hajian, Goursefid village and Chaghalvand height.

In keeping with the general concept and objectives of the army, Tang-e-Hajian operation was a limited offensive one in its own kind; however, from the military perspective, the objectives were selected in such a way that in case of decisive victory and the complete seizure of them, remarkable superiority would be achieved to facilitate offensive operations and push back Iraqi troops.

Being conducted by the army's foremost headquarter in the west region, this operation started on January 4th, 1981 and after 11 days it came to an   end on January 15th,   1981.


- Some part of Bar aftab height, south of Tang-e-Hajian, Avazin height, and the heights next to Chaghalvand were seized by the friendly forces. - More than 600 Iraqi soldiers were killed or wounded and 53 others were captured. - 26 tanks, one bulldozer, 25 vehicls and 8 gins along with one helicopter were destoryed.

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