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Ouch-Soltan defensive operation (December 18th, 1980)

ground forces operations in eight years of holy defense

Though the focus of Iraqi full-fledged attack on the I.R of Iran was directed towards Khuzestan area, never could the enemy succeed to meet any of its pre-determined political and military objectives. However, it managed to make itself exclusive to occupying a vast area in Khuzestan province and limited areas in the west and north-west of Iran because of the resistance displayed by the Iranian forces. Following the blockage of the enemy’s advance, the Iranian forces initiated multi-purpose and limited –scale attacks so that they could pave the grounds for large-scale attacks aiming at expelling the Iraqi forces. Countering the Iranian initiatives and hindering the concentration of the forces in the southern battlefields, of prime importance to I.R of Iran, and also engaging more forces in the north-west fronts, Iraqi army shifted to launching some small-scale offensive operations in Kurdistan area. These operations were primarily characterized by either ambush and surprise attack on the stations and positions or mining the axes by the Iraqi-provoked Iranian anti-revolutionary groups and active oppositions.

Experiencing the blockage of advance on about all battlefields, Iraqi army launched a heavy attack in Ouch-Soltan area close to Marivan on December 18th, 1980, but it countered a seven- day resistance by the Islamic warriors of Iran. Major general Sharif Ashraf, one of the committed officers of the army, suffered martyrdom in this area.


- Never could the enemy fully seize Ouch-Soltan and Qolenjan so as to find access to the key terrain of the area so that, thereby, it could take on proper defensive positions, but succeeded to occupy few positions in Bardeh-Rasheh area. - 52 Iraqi soldiers were killed, 60 one wounded and one was captured. - Some Iraqi armor weaponry along with number of vehicles were destroyed.


The book named: Atlas of Unforgettable Battles (Ground forces operations in eight years of holy defense)

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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