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Susangerd defensive operation (November 23rd, 1980)

iranian soldiers, iran-iraq war

Following the libration of Susangerd by army’s 92nd armor division, some units of the revolutionary Guard Corps and irregular forces of Martyr chamran on November 23 rd, 1980, 2nd brigade of 92 nd armor division established fortified positions about 15 kilometers long, 4 kilometers south of susangerd-hamidiyeh road. Three days after the Iranian forces attack, Iraqi units dispatched a combat patrol to friendly defensive positions; however, suffering casualties, they were forced to retreat.

Following this engagement, a coordinated attack was made by Iraqi troops to recapture Susangerd.

This attack started from Hoveizeh and was dependent on Jofeir-Hoveizeh-Susanged axis. Iraq’s effort was countered with sever resistance of Iranian troops, and while undergoing lots of losses and casualties, they were forced to retreat. The enemy had the intention of both reoccupying Susangerd and planning to take the control of susangerd-hamidiyeh road and ultimately facilitating its future ffensive operation toward Ahwaz. Major general Seyyed Hussein Mousavi suffered martyrdom in this operation.

Result: - Suffering defeat and casualties, enemy retreated to its previous positions and couldn’t occupy land objectives either. - 30 tanks and personal carriers, 6 guns and 14 vehicles were destroyed.


The book named: Atlas of Unforgettable Battles (Ground forces operations in eight years of holy defense)

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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