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Susangerd defensive operation (September 22nd, 1980)

iran-iraq war

The engagement in the area near the border garrisons of Subleh, Rashidiyeh, and Safariyeh started on the early days of September, 1980 during which 92 nd armor division of l.R.I army assigned its third brigade from Dasht-e-Azadcgan to occupy defensive positions in the area and be deployed over there. Due to events following the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran, these units didn’t enjoy enough capability to confront the highly well-prepared Iraqi   troops, however, based on the predicted operational plans and by conducting delay operation they succeeded in suppressing enemy forces in unfavorable positions, inflicted heavy losses and casualties on them and prevented Iraq from achieving the main or all of its pre-determined objectives.

One of the heaviest and violent battles on the early days of war occurred in this area for eight days from 22nd to 28th of September 1980). It was so fierce that on the eighth day the most amount of air support was done by the Air force and Ground Force Aviation of I.R.I Army.


The concept of deploying 148th Task Force of Khorassan 77th infantry division of the army along the Hamidiyeh-Susangerd axis and the heavy blows inflicted on Iraq by Martyr Chamran’s tank hunters team from guerrilla operation group caused the enemy to retreat from this axis and leave a lot of tanks behind. Although some areas on this axis were seized by the enemy, it was prevented from approaching Ahwaz and joining its forces in Susangerd area to troops who had already advanced on the Ahwaz-Khorramshar road upto a point 15 kilometers away from Ahwaz.


The book named: Atlas of Unforgettable Battles

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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