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Palaces, Castles and Forts, Ilam


Falahati Palace, Ilam

This palace, with engraved portal and columns, belonged to the Qajar period and is constructed amongst a beautiful and vast garden.

Castles and Forts

Qiran Castle, Ilam

This castle is located on Mount Qolaqiran overlooking the beautiful forests of Sheshdar (Sheshdan). Its appearance and position of the summit above it have created special beauty.

 Sam Castle, Shirvan-Chardavol

This Sassanid castle is constructed on the Sam Mount having two towers. The security chambers are built in the heart of rocks. There is also the remains of a fire-temple, which seems to have been changed to a mosque after the dominance of the Arabs. There are several old oriental plane trees around the castle, some of them are 500 years old, some springs with refreshing water and the roots of aloes-wood, which were used in ceremonies, are also present.

 Shayaq (Shayakh) Castle, Dehloran

The Shayakh Castle (or the ancient city of Shayakh) is located on a hill between two rivers in a valley. It belongs to the Sassanid period and the ruins of its towers, food storage and commanders' rooms can be seen.

Sheikh Makan Fort, Dareh Shahr

Located 6 kilometers southeast of Dareh Shahr, the ruins of this fort can be seen in the entrance of the village with the same name with 150 years of antiquity. Construction materials indicate that it belongs to the Qajar period. The walls of the fort are delicately made of stone and gypsum. There is also the remains of a water mill.

Vali Castle, Ilam

This castle is located on the Choqa Mirag hill in the city of Ilam. This castle is built about 100 years ago in the Qajar period and its area is 2,500 square meters. The construction materials are of brick, gypsum and marble. This castle is renovated by The Cultural Heritage Organization.

 Other Castles, Ilam

Other castles of the province are: Amir Abad, Vali winter castle in Mehran, the historical castle of Hezarkhani Village in Abdanan belonging to the Sassanid era, Paqefleh and Korekcha Castle in Saleh Abad, the Sassanid Castle of Anjir in Zarrin Abad, the ruins of Sassanid castles in the Kalm Village in Dareh Shahr, historical vestiges of Posht Qal'eh in Abdanan and many historical monuments belonging to the Parthian and Sassanid periods.

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