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Springs, Waterfalls, Golestan

baran kooh spring, gorgan

In Golestan Province, there are 140 springs, most of which are in Gonbad and Gorgan townships. The most important of these springs are:

Baran Kooh Spring, Gorgan

The Barankooh Spring is another beautiful spring of the Golestan Province and is situated 18 km. south west of Gorgan and is the route of the Shastkala River and Barankooh Park.

Kaboodwall Spring, Ali Abad

This spring is in a deep and beautiful valley of Kabodwall forest. Kabodwall is situated 5 km. to the south of Ali Abad Katoul Township.

Ziyarat Spring, Gorgan

The Ziyarat Spring is situated in a village with the same name, in Golestan Province. It has a beautiful greeneries and landscapes. In summer and winter, it attracts many people.


The waterfalls of Golestan Province are divided into two groups, the mountainous and forest types, each of which has interesting view. Most of them have camping areas and rest houses. The followings are the important waterfalls of the province:

Loweh Waterfall, Minoo Dasht

This waterfall is one of the beautiful Iranian waterfalls and is at a distance of 20 km. from Galikesh and 5 km. from the main Mashhad - Gorgan Road near a village named Galikesh. In the neighborhood of this waterfall the Golestan Park adds to its tourism values.

Shir Abad Waterfall, Khanbebin, Gonbad Kavoos

This waterfall is situated 7 km. to the south of Khanbebin town and in the slopes of the Alborz Mountain in a forested area. On its way, there are some beautiful springs and rivers. This waterfall is in the form of a stairway and includes 12 large and small waterfalls. Its largest waterfall is 30 meters high and its lake is 40-80 meters deep.

Other Waterfalls, Golestan

Baran kooh Waterfall in Gorgan and Kaboodwall Waterfall in Ali Abad are also located in this province.

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