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  • 10/22/2007

US air raids kill 49 civilians, children in Baghdad neighborhood

 Killed civilians baghdad


The US air strikes on Baghdad neighborhood of Sadr City killed 49 people including women and children, Iraqi officials said on Sunday. Iraqi officials said that bombardment of Sadr City turned residential area into rubble killing civilians indiscriminately including women and children.


Reporters gave gloomy picture from massacre of civilians and innocent people in Baghdad district.

A reporter said that in a house where one of the children lived, a man pointed to bloodstained mattresses and blood-splattered pillows, choking back tears as he held up a photo of one of the dead.


Hundreds of local residents, wailing and chanting "There is no God but Allah", carried wooden coffins through the streets. Eyewitnesses said that most of those killed and wounded were women, children and elderly men which shows the indiscriminate bombardment of the city.


"When we were waking up in the morning, all of a sudden rockets landed in the house and the children were screaming," said a woman outside the house.

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