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Over 980 foreign publishers to participate in Tehran book fair


Tehran International Book Fair will host 980 foreign publishers from some 90 countries.

This year, the fair will give a 90% discount on booth rental to foreign publishers offering academic texts at 50% discount, the head of the International Section of the fair told the Persian Service of MNA.

Over 3600 Iranian and foreign publishers participated at the event during last year’s edition in 2009 at which foreign e-books and e-journals were offered for the first time.

The academic authenticity of foreign publishers is one of the main deciding factors for allowing participation at the book fair. Publishers of yellow, general or popular books are not permitted to participate at this event, he mentioned.

Over 3,000 books whose first edition was published in 2010 are being offered for sale at the subsidized section of the book fair, he added.

Books published since 2005 will be on sale at the unsubsidized section of gala at a discount, he said.

He said that 25,000 square meters of the fair is allocated to foreign publishers out of which China has reserved the maximum space of 100 square meters.

Tehran will host its 23rd Tehran International Book Fair from May 5 to 15 at Imam Khomeini Mosalla.

Photo: A man visits foreign books on display at the 22nd Tehran International Book Fair at the Imam Khomeini Mosalla in May 2009. (Mehr/Hamid Bazgosha)

Source: tehrantimes.com

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