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Santa Faces

santa faces

Materials needed

• Template

santa faces

• Thread.

• Sequins.

• All-purpose adhesive.

• A pair of scissors.

• 6-7 pieces of card.

• Colored felt pieces.

How to make

santa faces

1. Cut out similar shapes as the template from the felt. 

2. Using glue, attach the face portion to the card pieces. Let dry for 10-15 minutes.

3. When the glue dries, cut the face outlines from the cards.

4. Attach the other face parts - nose, cheeks and moustache - onto the card cutouts with glue.

santa faces

5. Fix a thread loop under the circle above the hat to hang up the face.

6. Fix two dark sequins as eyes on each of the faces. 

7.  Hang the Santa faces in a line outside your home and form a funny decoration.

NOTE: The moustache should be affixed after the nose and cheeks. You should try creating one face first. Move on to make other faces only if you are successful with the first one.

santa faces

Source: theholidayspot.com

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