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Hansel and Gretel (Part4)

hansel and gretel

     But Gretel saw what she had in mind, and said, ‘I do not know how I am to do it. How do I get in?’

     ‘Silly goose,’ said the old woman, ‘the door is big enough. Just look, I can get in myself.’ And she crept up and thrust her head into the oven.

     Then Gretel gave her a push that drove her far into it, and shut the iron door, and fastened the bolt. Oh. Then she began to howl quite horribly, but Gretel ran away, and the godless witch was miserably burnt to death. Gretel, however, ran like lightning to Hansel, opened his little stable, and cried, ‘Hansel, we are saved. The old witch is dead.’

     Then Hansel sprang like a bird from its cage when the door is opened. How they did rejoice and embrace each other. And as they had no longer any need to fear her, they went into the witch"s house, and in every corner there stood chests full of pearls and jewels.

     ‘These are far better than pebbles.’ Said Hansel, and thrust into his pockets whatever could be got in.

     And Gretel said, ‘I, too, will take something home with me,’ and filled her pinafore full.

     ‘But now we must be off,’ said Hansel, ‘that we may get out of the witch"s forest.’

     When they had walked for two hours, they came to a great stretch of water.

     ‘We cannot cross,’ said Hansel, ‘I see no foot-plank, and no bridge.

     ‘And there is also no ferry,’ answered Gretel, ‘but a white duck is swimming there. If I ask her, she will help us over.’ Then she cried -

     ‘Little duck, little duck, dost thou see,

     Hansel and Gretel are waiting for thee.

     There"s never a plank, or bridge in sight,

     take us across on thy back so white.’

     The duck came to them, and Hansel seated himself on its back, and told his sister to sit by him.

     ‘No,’ replied Gretel, ‘that will be too heavy for the little duck. She shall take us across, one after the other.’

     The good little duck did so, and when they were once safely across and had walked for a short time, the forest seemed to be more and more familiar to them, and at length they saw from afar their father"s house. Then they began to run, rushed into the parlor, and threw themselves round their father"s neck. The man had not known one happy hour since he had left the children in the forest. The woman, however, was dead. Gretel emptied her pinafore until pearls and precious stones ran about the room, and Hansel threw one handful after another out of his pocket to add to them. Then all anxiety was at an end, and they lived together in perfect happiness.

 My tale is done, there runs a mouse, whosoever catches it, may make himself a big fur cap out of it.

hansel and gretel

Brothers Grimm

Source: eastoftheweb.com

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