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Iranian Girl Names

(part 3)


Name                      Meaning

NAzhin                 Name of a tree

NAzy                          Cute

NAzillA                         Cute

Negeen/Negin                The precious stone on a ring or other Jewlery

NegAr                             Sweetheart

NegAh                                Look

NedA                                   Voice,call

NeshAt (A)                           Joy

Niloufar                         A flower (Water Lily)

Niki                                  Goodness

Nikoo/Nikou                Good, Beautiful

NiyooshA                              A listener

Noor/Nour                      Light

Noushin                           Sweet

NoushAfarin                Creator of joy



Oldooz  A Persian-Azerbaijani name meaning star

Omeed/Omid    Hope

Oranous               One of the 9 solar plannets

Orkideh                Orchid



Padideh               A phenomenon

Parand  Silk

Parastoo              A bird (Swallow)

Paree/Pari          Fairy

Pareechehr        Having a face like a fairy (beautiful)

Pareerou             Having a face like a fairy (beautiful)

PareesA/ParisA                Like a fairy

Pareevash           Fairy-faced


Parto     Ray of light

ParvAneh            Butterfly

Parvin   Name of a constellation

PegAh   Dawn

PeymAneh         Wine cup

Peyvand              A joint, a connection

Pouneh/Pooneh              A flower

Poupak A kind of bird

PourAn A successor

PourAn-dokht   A female character in Shahnameh

Pouri     A successor



RahA         Free

RanA (A)              Elegant, of elegant stature

RAmesh               Rest; cheerfulness

RasA      Expressive

RavAn   Soul, spirit

RimA/ReemA    ???

ReyhAneh/RayhAneh (A)            A flower

RobAbeh (A)      Name of an instrument

Roshanak            Small light

RoudAbeh          A character in ShahnAmeh (Rostam's mother)

RoxAnA/RoksAnA           light (in farsi roshanAi)

Name of a Iranian princess

the reason Alexander The Great destroyed persepolis (so they say!)

RoyA (A)              Dream, vision



SabA (A)              Zephyr; a gentle breeze

Sadaf (A)             Sea Shell

Saeedeh (A)       Happy, prosperous,lucky

Sahar (A)             Dawn

SahbA   Wine

SAghar  Wine cup

SalmA (A)            Sweetheart

SAlomeh              Salomeh

Saman  Jasmin

SamilA  ???

Samin/Sameen (A)          Precious, expensive

SamirA  ???

Samireh (A)        Evening entertainments

Sanam (A)           Idol

SAnAz   A flower

SArA (A)               Sarah; also pure, excellent

                (applied to gold, ambergris, musk)

SarvenAz             Name of a tall, slender tree; also a beautiful woman

SAyeh   Shade, Shadow

SeemA/SimA     Face

SeetA/SitA          ???

Sepeedeh/Sepideh        Dawn (the first appearance of light in the morning)

SetAreh               Star

ShAdAn                Happy, joyful

ShAdee/ShAdi  Happiness

Shabnam             Dew

ShaghAyegh (A)               A flower (Poppy)

Shahin/Shaheen              Royal

ShahlA  A dark-eyed woman

ShAhzAdeh        Princess

ShahnAz              The king's loved/favorite one

ShahrbAnou       Lady of the town (good)

ShahrnAz             The town's loved/favorite one

ShahrzAd             City-born

Shalizeh               ???

Shams   Sun

SharAreh             Single spark

Sheefteh             Enamoured, fascinated, charmed, captivated

Shervin ???

SheydA                     Lovesick

SheevA/ShivA         Charming

Shideh/Sheedeh              Bright, luminous; the sun

ShimA   ???

Shirin/Shireen         Sweet; pleasant, gentle; delicate

Shirin-bAnoo              Sweet lady

Sholeh  Flame

Shohreh (A)                 Famous

Shokoufeh                   Blossom

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