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Iranian Girl Names

(part 2)


GolnessA             ???

Golpari ???

Golshan               A flower garden

GordiA  A female character in Shahnameh


Habibeh (A)        Beloved

HAideh (A)          Repentent

HAleh (A)            Halo

Hamideh (A)      Praiseworthy

Hastee/Hasti      Existance

Hediyeh               Gift

HengAmeh         Uproar, wonder, marvel causing admiration

HodA (A)             ???

HomA   Phoenix, A bird from fables (symbolizes good omen)

HomeirA (A)       ???

Hormat (A)         Honour

Houri     Fairy


ImAn (A)              Faith

IrAn       Iran

IrAn-dokht          Daughter of Iran


Jannat (A)           Paradise

Jamileh (A)         Excellent talents

JavAneh               Sprout, young


KatAyoun            A female character in Shahnameh

KhandAn             Smiling

KhAtereh            Memory

Khorsheed          Sun

Khojassteh         Royal

KimiyA  Alchemy

KobrA (A)            Major

Kowkab/Kokab (A)          Star, celestial body


LAdan   A flower

LAleh     Tulip

LeylA/LailA/LeilA (A)       Nocturnal

Leily/Layly/Laily                Nocturnal, one who does anything by night

LidA       ???

LilA         The lilac tree

Lily/Lili   A flower


Mahasti                The moon's being

MAhdokht          Daughter of the moon

MahlaghA/MahleghA (A)             Face of the moon

Maheen/Mahin                Greatest

MAhrokh             Whose face is like the moon, beautiful

MahkAmeh        ???

MahnAz               The moon's glory

Mahnoosh          ???

Mahsheed          Moon, moonlight

MahsA  Like the moon

MahtA  Moon-like

MahtAb               Moonlight

Mahvash             Moon-like; a beauty

Malakeh              Queen

Maliheh (A)        Beautiful

MAnA   Alike, similar; also name of a God

MandAna            Name of a princess

MAnee/MAni    A painter who later claimed to be a prophet

Manizheh            A legendary female character in Shahnameh

MarjAn Coral

MarjAneh           Coral

Marmar                Marble

Maryam/Mariam             A flower (Tuberose)

Marzieh (A)        Satisfactory, agreeable

Masoumeh (A) Sinless, Innocent

MastAneh           Drunken (More like joyful)

Mastoureh (A)  Veiled, chaste

MehrAngiz          To cause affection

MehrnAz             The sun's glory

Mehrnoosh        ???

Mehry  Sun; also Affectionate, kind

MeshiA                Butter made of sheep's milk

MinA     Enamel,blue glass(lapis lazuli)

Minoo   Paradise, heaven

MitrA    Name of a God/Goddess

MozhgAn            Eyelashes

Mozhdeh            Good news

MonA       Name of a ancient goddess

Moneer/Monir (A)          Shining

Moneereh/Monireh (A)               Shining

MorvAreed        Pearl


NAdereh (A)      Rare

Naghmeh            Melody, song, tune

NahAl          A young plant

NAheed/NAhid                A star, the planet Venus

Nargess                A flower (Narcissus )

Naseem/Nasim (A)         Breeze

NastarAn             A flower much like a wild rose

Nasreen/Nasrin                A flower (a wild rose)

NavA     Tune

Nayyer Radiant

NAzAfarin           Producing delight

NAzanin               Sweetheart

NAzgol  Cute flower

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