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Roqabieh offensive operation (March 19th, 1980)

eight years of holy defense

Along the road stretching from Andimeshk to Ahvvaz in Khuzestan province near the city of Shoush and in the west of Karkheh River, there is a vast sandy desert of the south leading to heights called "Mishdagh”‌ in the north of Bostan. Near the border line between Iran and Iraq in the west of Mishdagh heights where the land is covered with small and high sandy hills, there is Roqabieh passageway. Being too difficult to cross this desert and a need for exploiting a large number of forces, Iraqis had abandoned this area and there was no deployment of forces over there. Since the Iranian troops were not deployed in this area either, there was an increasing possibility for Iraqi forces to advance towards Andimeshk-Ahwaz road through the desert from the city of Shush to Abdolkhan. The confrontation between   a 400-soldier Iraqi unit dismounted through airborne operation in the vicinity of Abdolahkhan and a company from the IRI army 55th airborne brigade in February, 1980 was a good indication that the area had become very critical; therefore the Roqabieh operation was planned and conducted on March 16 th, 1980 to drive the enemy back and neutralize the danger of Iraqis infiltration. This operation was pressed ahead till March 21 st for 6 days.


Although, due to unfavorable condition of the land, the second brigade of the 16th division of IRI army was stopped in the southern part of Abusalibi khat hills and Roqabieh, it halted the enemy’s possible advancement in the west of Karkheh River and inflicted heavy casualties and losses on Iraqi troops.


The book named: Atlas of Unforgettable Battles (Ground forces operations in eight years of holy defense)

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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