My best

  I'm not in mood!

I need you ....Is that from you? ya???


I can'tttttttt stand!

I really can not!

You know what my aims are....

How can I tolerate....even How can I decide...

that's utterly difficult ...

Anyway I like every thing you will....

you....yourself should help me....

Do you?!

I'll come back ask you about...



سه شنبه سوم 1 1389


Hi !

I'm here




T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U!

How can I express myslef ?!

You gave away everything....

I hope to be graeful !

I hope not to forget you...My best

I'd like to hang on....

Your words make me feel good

I'm getting better!

Thank you...

That reminds me, I'm your tiny creature!

Do Not fall me down!

Please....Do Not!

I can't...


چهارشنبه هفتم 11 1388



I missed you!

I need to Grasp...

Don't reject me!

Do you?!

I know how affectionate you are...It's OBVIOUS!

I'm really weak...

You know...

Raise my hands

Heal my soul

Heal all

Heal me!

شنبه دوازدهم 10 1388


My best

What's wrong?!?

It happened again...You do something that I can't understand!!!

How can I tolerate this result ?!

It's so hard to accept

I can't

I can't

I can't

Give me Solace, Power and Patience

I need....

Give me the true result...

Give me which you want!

I'm satisfied with everything you want

My dearest

My best

My Allah

Believe me pleassssse!

I'm not in know.

Just you can help me


So long...


چهارشنبه دهم 4 1388




I'm feeling upset!

someone hurt my feelings!




Oh...My best, you konw everything.

I deserve to know...Don't I ?!?


Help me to know

I wanna break them...

But I don't know what things will have to do ?!?

I wanna kill my self...I wish I hadn't seen it!

I wish It hadn't happened!

I wish I hadn't been there!

  I wish I hadn't been here!!!!


How disappointed I am!

No...I'm not so!

 My heart is wounded

My emotion is disturbed!

Why has it happented?!

I wish I had never seen....

I wish

I wish

   I wish...

Don't pull my leg!

I'm not good to test!

I'm so weak!!!

You konw that!

Let me grow up more!!!

You konw what I need?

Need to a place to cryyyy

I wanna evacuated awful thoughts from myself!

Would you help me

I need to your aid...

Just youuuu



دوشنبه یازدهم 3 1388


I don't know how I am?!

I don't know what I sence that no one can't!

What has happened for me?!

My best !

Help me!

I told you, I can tolerate all hardships which are sent from you...all are sweeeet!



I can't!...

I can't tolerate times that you are getting me the cold shoulder !

Is there anyone else who listens to my heart beat, wishfully???!!!

Is there?!
you konw?!

So...recomend someone else!!!


I can't find !!!!!!!!

Oh...My Lord!

Just you....


دوشنبه بیست و چهارم 1 1388



How can I describe my feeling!

When I was arranging my testament...I thought alot,

So I felt, I'm nothing...nobody!

You know It was so sweet...

I'm a tiny creature in front of you, my creator!


I was going to share that which I own...but I couldn't find any thing!

Nothing in the world is mine!

I have onething!, but I couldn't share is  just mine...

I mean You my best.

How can I lose you? hmmm!

I like to have you all moments!



I'm ungrateful...I know!

I know I lose you as easy as I do!!!!!

Forgive me...

You yourself invited you remember?!

I remember completely those sweet days...

What the momemts I had!...

so accept me...uplift me...I wanna to get near...grow me.

Take care of me my best.



پنج شنبه بیست و نهم 12 1387


 I'm UPSET...

Sometimes I get upset, I don't know why?!

Sometimes I go wrong,I donnn't know why?!

How can I solve this awful problem?!?!?

No one can't help me, Just you...I just know it!

Almost I forget you, But.... you remind me with some bad or satisfying circusmtance.

I have Bad feeling....How can I control ?

Is it natural to lose my temper ?! hmmm...

I need to your aid, to give away SOLACE & POWER...

You know everything about me...I worship you....I belive you....But You, take care of me much more than I sense !

Shame on me!....You told me don't lose your DIGNITY....How can I do that easily...It's hardddd....Help meeee.


At the end, I need to you!

جمعه هجدهم 11 1387



Will be done?!

Will you do?!

Will I go?!

I dont know!!!!!


Just I understood why you do....

 I went wrong...

I understood how difficult is....

....How easy you call me... I'm unable to know!

 I'm waiting.....

 I need to have patience, insight and solace...

I need to have you all moments

I need to you...

Just you !


 help me....

جمعه هجدهم 11 1387




I'm confused !


Have you seen sometimes we are unable to understand what has happened?

why it, why you !

what should we do?



give shade of your knowledge away to me

I need to your guidance

Little by little it raises my doubt

It evodes flow of my mind

I can't...

I wanna know it is your will ?!?

Is it from you ?!

If it is, I can tolerate

give me high insight to know ...




جمعه هجدهم 11 1387