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 Manager Director Manager@tebyan.com
Webmaster Webmaster@Tebyan.com
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Membership Advisor Ozviat@Tebyan.com
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Software Selling site CdSale@Tebyan.com
Educational site edu@Tebyan.com
English Webmaster English@Tebyan.com
Network Security Security@Tebyan.com
Consultation Consultation@tebyan.com
Helpdesk for electronic mail (Email) email@Tebyan.com
Professional groups anjoman@tebyan.com
Technical and science site Scitech@tebyan.com




Address: Bluv. Keshavarz, Street Nadari, Plot # 44, Tehran, Iran.

Phone Number: (98 21) 812 00000

fax no:  (98 21) 81202180   



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